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precision o2 flow meter types

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There are many types of precision oxygen flow meters, each with its own characteristics and applicable scenarios. The following are several common
precision oxygen flowmeters and their main features:
Digital flow meter:
Technical basis: Based on microprocessor technology.
High display accuracy and good stability.
Remote monitoring and control can be realized.
With alarm, automatic control and other functions.
It has broad application prospects.
Technical basis: Based on thermal technology.
Can measure oxygen mass flow.
High accuracy and small error.
Good long-term stability.
It is widely used in medical, biopharmaceutical and electronic fields.

Medical oxygen flowmeter:
Designed for oxygen metering in hospital departments, it solves problems such as electromagnetic interference and failure to start at low flow.
Wide range, high precision, small and beautiful size, simple and convenient to use and install.
The sensor component adopts disposable packaging technology, no mechanical moving parts, no blockage, no wear, and long service life.
High-definition LCD display with luminous display can monitor oxygen usage in real time.
The design working life is 35 years.
Insertion flow meter:
Insert the sensor into the oxygen pipeline for measurement.
It is tightly connected to the pipeline and is suitable for large flow oxygen measurement.
High accuracy and good real-time performance.
But the price is relatively high and the application range is narrow.
When choosing a precision oxygen flow meter, you should consider the specific application scenario, measurement accuracy, installation conditions, cost budget
and other factors. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the product certification, manufacturer's reputation and service quality.
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