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nitrogen flow meter types


nitrogen flow meter
Nitrogen flow meters are instruments used to measure nitrogen flow. According to different measurement principles and application characteristics, nitrogen flow meters
can be divided into several categories. The following are some of the main categories of nitrogen flow meters:
Based on the principle of Karman vortex street, the flow rate is calculated by detecting the frequency of vortex separation generated in the fluid.
It is suitable for the flow measurement of gases such as nitrogen, with the advantages of high precision, wide range, and low power consumption.

Thermal flow meter (also known as thermal mass flowmeter):
The flow rate is calculated by measuring the heat taken away when the fluid flows through the heating element.
It is suitable for the flow measurement of gases such as nitrogen, especially for low flow and fast response occasions.
Directly measure the mass flow rate of the fluid, not the volume flow rate.
It is very useful in occasions where the mass flow rate of nitrogen needs to be accurately known, such as chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries
Differential pressure flowmeter (such as orifice flowmeter, Venturi flowmeter, etc.):
The flow rate is calculated by using the pressure difference generated when the fluid passes through the throttling device.
Although not designed specifically for nitrogen, it is widely used in many industrial applications, including nitrogen flow measurement.
Float flowmeter (rotor flowmeter):
Indicates flow rate by the displacement of the float (rotor) pushed by the fluid.
Suitable for nitrogen measurement with smaller flow rates, it has the advantages of simple structure and low price.

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