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High quality low noise High adaptability medical gas flow meter

[Features of gas mass flow meter]

Min flow range

The gas mass flow meter with micro flow range 0~5sccm.


Multiple Output
The hydrogen gas flow meter output is 0~5V;4·20mA;RS485/232


Flow meter and flow controller

The flow meter also with control function to control flow range.


High Accuracy and High Pressure

The standard accuracy is 1.0% and high pressure is 3.0Mpa


 The parameters of Hydrogen gas mass flow meter
 Medium  Gas
 Flow Range  0~5sccm;0~500sccm;0~100slm;100~200L/min
 Power supply  12-24V
 Output  0~5V;4~20mA
 Display  Local LCD Display or none
 Communication  RS485/232
 Accuracy  1.0%
 Difference pressure  less than 0.3Mpa
 Max pressure  3.0Mpa
 Temperature  5~65c
 Connection  6mm ferrule connector


First of all, we should have a full understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of medical gas flow meter, then we should have a full understanding of the physical and chemical properties of the medium, and once again have a full understanding of the process conditions and environment of the installation site. Finally, we should know the user's requirements for the measurement accuracy of the flowmeter, and consider whether the medium flow meets the flow range requirements of the flowmeter, and whether the installation site meets the flow rate requirements The field installation requirements of the meter should also consider what conditions and factors will affect the measurement of the flowmeter.





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