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Guide you to correctly understand orifice flowmeter

  • How to control gas flow,Orifice flowmeter throttling device and differential pressure transmitter supporting facilities, can accurately measure the total flow of liquid, steam, steam, the orifice flowmeter market is used in crude oil, chemical plants, metallurgical industry, electric power engineering, light industry and other units.

How to control gas flow

Orifice flowmeter also known as differential pressure steam flowmeter, is a primary inspection pieces (throttle valve) and secondary equipment (differential pressure transmitter and total flow display instrument), the market is used in steam, steam and liquid flow measurement.It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient maintenance, stable characteristics and reliable application.

How to control gas flow

Treat orifice flowmeter correctly


Orifice flowmeter is a gas pressure generation device that accurately measures the total flow rate. It can accurately measure the total flow rate of various fluid dynamics in pipelines by coordinating with various differential pressure meters or differential pressure transmitters.Orifice flowmeter throttling device includes annular orifice, nozzle, etc.


Orifice flowmeter for different media, take pressure tube take pressure bearing is relativity is not the same.On the spot using the key into a body and separate type installation, but the differential pressure take pressure guide pipe in the installation of the time or have certain requirements.


Orifice flowmeter and other differential pressure steam flowmeter is the same.The following will give you a detailed introduction of the installation of orifice flowmeter pressure tube should pay attention to the area:


1. When the medium is steam, the pressure tube should be filled with the condenser liquid, so the condensate tank should be installed at the inlet and outlet of the pressure point, and the other installation should be the same as the liquid.


2. When the medium is vapor, the differential pressure transmitter shall be installed on the top of the throttling device to avoid the accumulation of liquid outside the pressure guide tube. The pressure point shall be found on the upper part of the processing pipeline


3, when the medium is liquid: differential pressure transmitter needs to be installed under the throttling device, the pressure point should be found below the axis of the processing process pipeline (down 45°), the pressure guide pipe is best installed vertically, or there is a certain slope.When the differential pressure transmitter is placed in the throttling device, the air tank should be provided


4, when the medium has corrosion: can be installed in the throttling device and differential pressure transmitter in the middle of the protective tank, put not with the medium phase dissolved isolation fluid to transfer the working pressure, or choose the spray method.About the detailed introduction of the orifice plate flowmeter pressure tube installation standards, in the spot when the use of the most should be referred to the people.


Porcelain city Shanghai instruments co., LTD., the introduction of Germany Siemens numerical control processing center, make the tiny flowmeter is greatly increased, actually has reached world leading level, such as OVAL LSF40, many clients in Japan and the customer to know LSF40 flow range in 0.7 ~ 50 l/H, and porcelain xian CX - M5 - AL can achieve 0.3 ~ 60 l/H, the same 0.5% FS precision, another porcelain city gear is SS316L is qualitative, OVAL gear is plastic.All the micro flowmeters of porcelain city, from a screw hole to a case and gear are completed by the numerical control machining center of Siemens in Germany, completely getting rid of the domestic manufacturing process relying on mechanical and manual mixed operation, the manufacturing process of oval gear will have a milestone change.





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