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Turbine Flow Meter Classification

From the perspective of the classification of turbine flow meters, it can be mainly divided into two types: turbine flow sensors and intelligent integrated turbine flow meters;


Turbine flow sensor is the main representative. It uses pulse signal or current signal, which is more stable when used with other equipment. Its appearance design is relatively small and highly integrated, because it cannot be displayed, it needs to have a signal for remote output. Generally, it is used as a signal acquisition instrument. Considering the safety, according to the needs in different fields, there are two kinds of basic type and explosion-proof type, which guarantees the safety of the operation field.
2. Intelligent integrated turbine flow meter
According to the requirements of traditional flowmeters, intelligent turbine flowmeters have gradually emerged, adopting advanced single-chip microcomputer technology, and at the same time integrated with the display for a brand-new improvement, which can ensure clear data reading, stable use performance, and Reduce external interference and support stable and safe use. From the point of view of the application of the instrument, it has the function of data preservation, even if it is ten years, it will not be lost, and it is favored and liked by the industry.

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