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What are the advantages of air mass flow sensor?

What are the advantages of air mass flow sensor?

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(1) The measurement and control of gas flow shall not be inaccurate due to temperature or pressure fluctuations.
For most gas flow measurement and control systems, it is difficult to avoid system pressure fluctuations and temperature changes of the environment and medium. For ordinary measuring instruments, pressure and temperature fluctuations will lead to larger errors; for gas mass flow controllers, they can generally be ignored.
(2) Automation of gas measurement and control
The gas mass flow controller can output the gas flow measurement value as a standard electrical signal output. In this way, it is easy to realize the digital display of the flow, automatic measurement of the accumulated flow, automatic data recording, computer management, etc., and the automatic control of the flow can also be realized. The electronic signal control method of this product is analog type, and the input and output signals are 0-5V or 4-20mA.

(3) The flow can be accurately and quantitatively controlled
The gas mass flow controller can accurately control the given amount of gas, which is particularly useful for flow control of many processes and the proportional control of different gases.
(4) Wide range of application
It has a wide working pressure range, the product pressure can range from vacuum to 10 MPa; this product can use a variety of gas media; it has a wide flow range, the minimum flow range of the product can reach 0~2sccm, and the maximum flow range can reach 0~ 3000slpm.
(5) Wide range ratio
The flow control range is 2~100% of full scale (range ratio is 50:1). The flow measurement range is 1~100% of the full scale (the scale ratio is 100:1).

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