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How to choose a vortex flow meter?

The selection of a vortex flow meter involves many aspects. The following are some key factors to consider when choosing a vortex flowmeter, as well as specific selection methods:
Measurement medium and conditions:
Medium type: The vortex flowmeter is mainly used to measure the volume flow rate of gas, steam or liquid, the volume flow rate of standard conditions or the mass flow rate.
Medium flow rate: The full-scale flow rate of the vortex flow meter can be selected within the range of 0.5-12m/s for the measured medium flow rate. When the pipeline flow rate is low
and cannot meet the requirements of the flow meter or the measurement accuracy cannot be guaranteed at this flow rate, it is necessary to reduce the instrument caliber to increase
the flow rate in the pipe and obtain satisfactory measurement results.
Temperature range: The vortex flow meter can operate in the operating temperature range of -20℃ to +250℃.
Instrument type and specifications:
Instrument type: Depending on the measurement medium, different types of vortex flowmeters can be selected, such as the LUB series intelligent vortex flowmeter, the HSC vortex
flow meter series, the HZB vortex flowmeter series, etc.
Instrument specifications (caliber): When selecting instrument specifications (caliber), it is not necessarily the same as the process pipeline. It should be determined whether the
measurement flow range is within the flow rate range.

Pressure and temperature compensation:
Pressure compensation: Since the saturated steam pipeline is long and the pressure fluctuation is large, pressure compensation must be used. According to the saturated steam
pressure range of the pipeline, select the appropriate pressure transmitter range.
Temperature compensation: The selection of vortex flowmeter also needs to consider the temperature range of the measuring medium to ensure measurement accuracy.
Accuracy and functional requirements:
Accuracy level: Select the instrument accuracy level according to the measurement requirements and the occasion of use. For example, for occasions such as trade settlement,
product handover and energy metering, a vortex flowmeter with a higher accuracy level should be selected.
Functional requirements: Depending on whether remote monitoring, data transmission and other functions are required, select a vortex flowmeter with corresponding functions.
Cost and maintenance:
Cost: Consider the purchase cost of the vortex flowmeter, as well as the cost of subsequent installation, commissioning and maintenance.
Maintenance: Select a vortex flowmeter with a simple structure, high reliability and low maintenance to reduce maintenance costs.
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