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non intrusive ultrasonic flow meter


Non-invasive ultrasonic flow meter is a flowmeter that uses non-contact measurement technology. Its characteristics and applications can be summarized as follows:
Non-invasive: Ultrasonic flowmeters do not need to enter the interior of the pipeline, avoiding interference and contamination of the fluid inside the pipeline. At the same time, this
design will not produce energy loss and reduce dynamic pressure head.
High precision: Due to the use of advanced digital processing technology, ultrasonic flowmeters can achieve high-precision measurements, usually reaching 0.5% ~ 1% accuracy.
Fast response: Ultrasonic flowmeters respond quickly to instantaneous flow and flow changes, providing real-time and accurate flow data.
Easy to install: The measurement can be completed by simply installing the sensor on the outer wall of the pipeline. The installation is simple, reducing the installation workload and cost.
Wide range of application: It can be used for flow measurement of various media such as liquids, gases, steam, etc., especially in applications with low pressure drop, chemical
compatibility and low maintenance requirements.

Application field
Ultrasonic flowmeters have a wide range of applications in multiple industries, including but not limited to:
Environmental protection: used for municipal sewage measurement.
Oilfield: raw flow measurement, cementing mud flow measurement, oilfield oily wastewater flow measurement, oil well injection flow measurement.
Water company: raw water measurement in rivers, reservoirs, tap water flow measurement.
Petrochemical: petrochemical product process flow detection, industrial circulating water flow measurement.
Metallurgy: industrial circulating water flow measurement, production process water consumption measurement, mineral processing slurry flow measurement.
Power plant, thermal power plant: production process water consumption measurement, cooling circulating water flow measurement, generator set coil cooling water flow
measurement (ultra-small pipe diameter).
Ultrasonic flowmeters are also widely used in food, pharmaceutical, papermaking and other industries, and are important instrumentation for flow detection.
Technical principle
The basic principle of ultrasonic flowmeter is to use the frequency shift (Doppler effect) generated when the ultrasonic signal is reflected by the suspended particles or
bubbles (discontinuous) in motion to complete the measurement. When ultrasonic waves are emitted into a pipe filled with flowing liquid, the frequency of the ultrasonic
waves will change after being reflected by the discontinuous medium in the liquid, and the frequency is proportional to the flow rate of the liquid.
Although ultrasonic flow meters have many advantages, the following points should still be noted when using them:
Make sure that the medium in the pipe contains enough suspended particles or bubbles so that the ultrasonic signal can be effectively reflected.
When installing the sensor, pay attention to the material, size and installation position of the pipe to ensure that the sensor can correctly read the flow data.
Regularly calibrate and maintain the ultrasonic flow meter to ensure its measurement accuracy and stability.
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