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Radar Level Meter Features


The biggest feature of the radar level gauge radar level sensor is that it works well under harsh conditions. Whether it is a toxic medium, a corrosive medium, or a solid, liquid or dusty, slurry medium, it can be measured. In terms of measurement, it has the following characteristics:

1. Continuous and accurate measurement
Due to the characteristics of electromagnetic waves, it is not affected by the environment. Therefore, its measurement applications are relatively wide. The probe of the radar level gauge has no contact with the surface of the medium, which is a non-contact measurement and can measure different media accurately and quickly. The probe is almost unaffected by temperature, pressure, gas, etc. (only 0.018% at 500°C, 0.8% at 50bar).
2. It has the function of suppressing the interference echo
For example, interference echoes caused by joints within the beam range and interference echoes caused by noise in feeding or discharging materials can be automatically suppressed by the internal fuzzy logic control.
3. Accurate and safe energy saving
The radar level gauge can measure under vacuum and pressure, and is accurate, safe, and reliable. It can be applied to various occasions without any restrictions. The chemical and mechanical properties of the materials used in the radar level gauge are quite stable, and the materials can be recycled, which is environmentally friendly.
4. No maintenance and strong reliability
Microwaves are hardly disturbed and are not in direct contact with the measuring medium, so they can be used in almost every occasion, such as vacuum measurement, liquid level measurement or material level measurement. Due to the use of advanced materials, it is durable to extremely complex chemical and physical conditions, and it can provide accurate, reliable, long-term stable analog or digital level signals.
5. Easy maintenance and simple operation
The radar level gauge has the function of fault alarm and self-diagnosis. Analyze the fault according to the error code prompted by the operation display module, determine the fault in time and eliminate it, which makes the maintenance and correction more convenient and accurate, and ensures the normal operation of the instrument.
6. Wide range of applications, almost all media can be measured
From the shape of the tank body, the radar level gauge can measure the liquid level of spherical tanks, horizontal tanks, cylindrical tanks, cylindrical cone tanks, etc.; , microwave tube, and the liquid level in the bypass tube; from the measured medium, liquid, particles, slurry, etc. can be measured.

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