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Options for Slurry Flow Measurement


The optional mud flow meters that can be found in the flow meter selection for particle fiber slurry are: differential pressure flow meter with elbow, wedge-shaped tube, electromagnetic flow meter, Doppler ultrasonic flowmeter, vortex flow meter, target flowmeter, Coriolis mass flow meter, etc. According to the current use of flowmeters and the measurement performance of various flowmeters, magnetic flow meters are the first choice for measuring slurry flow, unless the measured slurry is non-conductive or contains ferromagnetic particles, and the measurement pipeline system is not allowed to be cut off to connect Into the flow sensor, select other flow meters. According to reports, many years of application experience in measuring the flow rate of coal-water slurry with a pulverized coal content of up to 65% are considered to be the best electromagnetic flow meter.

Differential pressure flow meters can be used to measure slurry. In addition to elbows, wedge-shaped tubes and annular tubes, the differential pressure sensor can also be used for circular orifice plates and eccentric orifice plates when the solid phase is small. Venturi tubes are also used for measurement. .
Doppler ultrasonic flowmeter can be measured without cutting off the pipe and clamping an ultrasonic transducer (probe) outside the pipe, but the measurement accuracy is not high.
Vortex flowmeter can only measure solids containing a small amount of powder, and the solid content is large or fibrous will cause noise and cannot be used.
The target flowmeter is used for liquid flow such as heavy oil or residual oil containing pulverized coal, and the strain target flowmeter is used.
Coriolis mass flow meters have international experience in measuring slurry, and generally their straight-tube measuring tubes are appropriate.

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