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pump for transporting oil

There are many types of pumps that transfer oil. Here are some common types:
Gear-type oil transfer pump: This type of pump plays a key role in the oil transfer system to ensure that diesel circulates in the low-pressure oil circuit.

Diaphragm oil transfer pump: As a type of oil transfer pump, it plays an important role in specific applications.
Plunger-type oil transfer pump: This is a high-pressure oil pump with the characteristics of large flow rate and high fluid pressure. It is often used in situations where high-pressure oil transportation is required.
Pipeline oil pump: A pipeline system suitable for large-scale transportation of oil and natural gas. It is used to transport oil and natural gas from oil wells or gas wells to processing plants or end users.
In addition, there are some oil pumps classified according to driving methods, such as manual oil pumps, electric oil pumps and pneumatic oil pumps. Manual oil pumps are usually used for small mechanical equipment or manual maintenance; electric oil pumps are driven by AC power or DC power, with high working efficiency and wide promotion range; while pneumatic oil pumps use compressed air to drive hydraulic oil for compression and compress the compressed oil. Delivered to required location.
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