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Pumps for Metering Glue - Gear Metering Pumps


Pumps for Metering Glue - Gear Metering Pumps
The biggest problem faced by adhesive users is whether the spray can be even. Reciprocating pumps, such as diaphragm or plunger pumps, generate fluid flow that varies in both pressure and flow. To make up for this, it is necessary to fully spray the target area
with more adhesive. Excessive spraying will lead to additional waste of materials and increase manufacturing costs.

The use of adhesives must also consider its high viscosity, high operating temperature, and high-level issues requiring pump accuracy. Some adhesives typically have viscosities on the order of 500 poise at operating temperatures of 300 to 400°F. To apply the
correct amount of adhesive to the specified scale, the correctness of the pump will be very important.
The pumps used to spray adhesives are generally positive displacement gear pumps. Such high-precision pumps must be able to handle highly viscous fluids and be able to operate at low temperatures. The precision metering pump can input the correct flow rate
to the glue applicator without pulsation, and at the same time generate the necessary pressure to meet the system requirements.
Accurate continuous feed to the adhesive equipment includes a hot melt device, the hot melt device can supply glue to one to four metering pumps. Using the precision metering pump, the adhesive can be accurately metered and sent to the glue applicator, so that
the flow rate is correct, stable and continuous, so that the excessive spraying can be greatly eliminated, the waste of resources can be avoided, and the output can be increased.
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