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thermal mass flow meter principle

The thermal gas flowmeter is designed based on the principle of heat diffusion, and the meter uses the constant temperature difference method to accurately measure the gas. It has the advantages of small size, high degree of digitization, convenient installation and accurate measurement.
Technical advantages
1. The real mass flow meter does not need temperature and pressure compensation for gas flow measurement, and the measurement is convenient and accurate. gas available
body mass flow or standard volume flow.
2. The wide range ratio of the thermal gas flowmeter can measure gas with a flow rate as high as 120Nm/s and as low as 0.1Nm/s, which can be used for gas leak detection.
3. Compared with general measuring equipment, Kunke thermal gas flowmeter has good shock resistance and long service life. The sensor has no moving parts and pressure sensing parts, and is not affected by vibration on measurement accuracy.
4. Easy installation and maintenance. When site conditions permit, non-stop production installation and maintenance can be realized. (requires special customization)
5. Digital design. Overall digital circuit measurement, accurate measurement and convenient maintenance.
6. Using RS-485 communication or HART communication can realize factory automation and integration.
7. New thermal gas flowmeter: combined hot film probe thermal gas flowmeter

Connection Specifications
1. Screw connection, flange clamping, flange connection: DN10~DN50.
2. Flange mounting and flange connection: DN10~DN2000.
3. Plug-in type: DN80~DN2000.

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