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Types of water flow meters


Water is an inseparable resource in life, it is everywhere, and how much do you know about the types of water flow meters? In various pipeline or channel systems involving water supply, drainage and water transportation, which flowmeter should be used to measure the flow of water? Below CIXIFM winny will introduce you to four common types of water flow meters. The following types of water flow meters are sorted by how common they are for measuring water:
A water flow meter relying on Faraday's principle can effectively measure the water flow in the pipeline, with high precision and easy installation and maintenance. Choose reasonable sensor lining and electrode materials, which are not only wear-resistant, but also corrosion-resistant. Similar to the characteristics of water flowmeters, electromagnetic flowmeters have the same excellent characteristics as anti-interference, high precision and self-test. According to their display mode, they can be divided into one-piece type and split type. They are usually used in sewage treatment, tap water and production water industries, where it is necessary to measure the field strength of conductive liquids, and the conductivity of water is sufficient to meet this condition, so electromagnetic flowmeters are the best choice for water flow measurement.
It is also used in the measurement of pipeline water. The turbine flowmeter relies on the impulsive force generated by the pipeline water flow to drive the rotation of the turbine flowmeter vane, so that the real-time flow rate can be converted according to the proportional coefficient. Turbine flowmeter is also called fire water flowmeter and turbine flowmeter (transliteration). They have the advantages of high precision, good repeatability, compact structure, light weight and large flow. As a light and convenient water flow meter, the turbine flow meter is divided into gas and liquid measuring instruments according to different measuring media. It is widely used in the measurement of oil, natural gas, organic or inorganic liquids, gas and other media. Large crude oil transshipment, the presence of gathering stations is common and is usually used for trade settlement.

A vortex flowmeter is a type of water flowmeter used to measure fluids such as gases, steam and liquids in industrial pipelines. In addition to the common advantages of strong anti-interference performance, good stability and accuracy, vortex flowmeters also have other advantages, such as large measuring range, advanced circuit, small resistance loss, and durability. It is an advanced technology for the comprehensive absorption of intelligence, intelligence, and well-designed. Standardized and generalized products. At the same time, as a widely used measuring instrument, the vortex flowmeter also has unique aesthetics and is superior to other instruments in appearance.

Ultrasonic flowmeter is suitable for online calibration and inspection measurement of liquid flow in various industrial sites. It has the characteristics of simple operation, high measurement accuracy, good consistency, online printing, and long battery power supply time. When the ultrasonic wave propagates in the flowing fluid, it carries the information of the fluid velocity. Therefore, the flow velocity of the fluid can be detected by the received ultrasonic waves, and then converted into a flow rate. According to the detection method, it can be divided into different types of ultrasonic flowmeters such as propagation velocity difference method, Doppler method, beam shift method, noise method and correlation method. Ultrasonic flowmeter is a non-contact instrument that has only been applied with the rapid development of integrated circuit technology in the past ten years. It is suitable for measuring fluids that are difficult to touch and observe and large pipe diameters. It can be linked with the water level gauge to measure the flow of open water flow. The use of ultrasonic flow ratio does not need to install measuring elements in the fluid, so the flow state of the fluid will not be changed, and no additional resistance will be generated. The installation and maintenance of the instrument will not affect the operation of the production pipeline, so it is an energy-saving flowmeter.
It is widely used in the fields of agricultural irrigation and chemical sewage discharge. Because these fields do not have the conditions for pipeline drainage, ultrasonic open channel water flow meters are used to measure water flow. It is also a very effective channel water flow measurement solution. In many cases, we need to measure the water discharged, but there is no plumbing on site, or the cost of laying plumbing is very high. At this point, a less popular open channel water flow meter (Open Channel Ultrasonic, Parshall Tank) will be used. This method can directly use the water itself to flow directly into special tanks and directly convert the total volume of sewage passing through the water table. Usually, when using this kind of open channel water meter, a construction team is still required, and the requirements for installation are generally higher, so you can communicate more with the manufacturer.

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